I’m a software engineer in San Francisco, currently interested in Ruby, Golang, Kubernetes, and cloud architecture & infrastructure.

I work at Hightouch, a reverse ETL platform for syncing customer data from the data warehouse to marketing, sales, and customer success tools.

Previously, I worked at ReferralExchange, leading the platform engineering team, and Electric Cloud, developing Ship.io, a continuous integration service for mobile apps, where I worked on the build orchestration system, and full-stack web (Rails, Ember.js).

Outside of software, I’m a private pilot and guitar player.

Open Source Contributions

  • passage - Secure tunneling for SaaS providers. Maintainer
  • saw - AWS CloudWatch Logs query/streaming tool.
  • twiml - Twilio Markup Language (TwiML) library.
  • gotwilio - Twilio REST API wrapper library.
  • fastlane - Tools for automating iOS continuous integration and delivery.